Glimpsing the afterlife

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In 1976, a Georgian dissident, Grigorievich Rodonaia, was assassinated by the KGB. They ran over him in a car twice! His corpse was quick-frozen at a morgue until they could complete an autopsy. Three days later, the pathologist began cutting into the body. Rodonaia's eyes opened. This was not unusual, so the pathologist closed them and carried on cutting. Rodonaia's eyes opened again. Unbelievably Rodonaia was alive. Even more remarkable was the story he told when he recovered.

It took him three days to regain his speech. He told hospital staff, while he was dead he journeyed around the world. He could see through walls. He could read people's minds and travel through time. They would have laughed it off, except he then told the staff about a newborn baby he'd heard crying in a nearby hospital. He had scanned the baby with his powers, to find the infant had a broken hip that the doctors were unaware of. Rodonaia could not have known of the child, let alone its injury. But X-rays proved he was right.

Grigorievich Rodonaia went on to live as a Methodist minister in Texas, and is one of many who claim to have had a near-death experience (NDE).

But are these experiences real? Are these people lying? The stories are unbelievable, yet everybody wants to believe it.

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